Top Drupal Modules to Relieve the Pains of Content Editors

Both site administrators and Drupal developers have likely faced scenarios such as microsite deployments and block placement at the request of their content editors. Conversely, content managers and editors have difficulty relying on their administrators and developers, or even worse, having to act as site administrators themselves. For those familiar with such struggles, the following set of tools may prove to be very helpful.

The following is a list of 3 Drupal modules that provide content editors with more effective execution tools and greater independence from administrators and developers:

  • BEAN: This module offers editors a straightforward approach to plugging blocks into web site pages without having to interact with Drupal administrators. This is done by using fields to define block types similar to how node types are defined. Instances of blocks can be created and placed on pages, just like nodes.
  • OG Tasks: This is an add-on to the Organics Group Module designed to automate tasks related to the creation of new groups, such as launching a microsite. Instead of relying on site administrators or Drupal developers, content editors can manage the pre-configured creation of the group with just a few clicks.