Top 5 Handy Drupal Modules for Creating Menus


Many developers run into the difficulty of having menu items linked to node IDs instead of aliases in Drupal, making it difficult to move menus across environments. When working on menus, or even just dipping their toes into how menus are made, stored, or exported, they find themselves repeating the same tasks over and over again, with no better solution to their “menu problem”. To save you from spending too much time searching, we’ve compiled a list of six modules that can help speed up menu development and exporting.

  • Menu Editor – This module provides an input page for Paths and Titles, allowing you to create menus on a single page and speed up the creation process.
  • Menu Attributes – By default, Drupal doesn’t offer attributes for menus such as style or target, but Menu Attributes allows you to change these attributes.
  • Menu Block – If you need to separate menus into different page parts, Menu Block provides configurable menu tree blocks to use with the standard Drupal navigation of menu trees. It is also the best option if