Top 5 Handy Drupal Modules for Creating Menus

Many developers notice that menu items are linked not to aliases, but to node ID in Drupal, that is why moving the menus across environments can be very difficult. Thus, once you have tested, committed and deployed the code to staging, you may get extremely confused by this. Drupal developers face this problem often when working on menus, or at least scratching the surface of how they are made, stored or exported. After learning the fact that they would have to carry out the same thing repeatedly in the future, they all come to the need of a better solution of their “menu problem”. To prevent you from wasting time on the searching, we have compiled a list of 6 modules that are helpful in menu development and let you develop and export the menus quickly. Menu Editor The module gives a single page offering inputs of Paths and Title. Allowing for creating menus on a single UI page, it significantly speeds up menu creation. Menu Attributes By default Drupal provides no attributes for menus such as style or target. However, with Menu Attributes Drupal developers are able to change menu links’ attributes. Menu Block In case you need to create menus that has to be separated into different page parts, this module provides you with configurable menu tree blocks for using the standard menu Drupal navigation of menu trees. This module is also the best option if you need menu tree blocks at a certain menu level. Superfish The module integrates jQuery Superfish plugin into Drupal that provides extra functionality of Drupal menus, like drop-down menus and accordions. Menu Import The module helps transfer menus among different Drupal sites easily. The menus can contain both node IDs and path alias. Another bonus of Menu Import is that it supports Drush. The above modules will solve your problem with menus once and for all. If you need some special modules for your site, DrupalDriven can provide you Drupal module development services