The Reasons to Choose Drupal as CMS

Drupal is one of the most popular and enhanced Content Management Systems (CMS) among enterprises and individuals. Once installed Drupal you will never decide to switch it for any other CMS. Drupal CMS is built using the PHP programming language and provides customers with the content by the means of the Apache HTTP Server. Almost all Drupal reports and configurations are contained in databases which are handled by the MySQL Server. 7 reasons to choose Drupal as Content Management System: Drupal runs on different operating systems and doesn’t need Microsoft as many other CMS do. Drupal is an open source CMS that doesn’t require licensing costs. Moreover, once installing Drupal you will constantly get innovations and updating for free. There is an availability of CMS support and consultancy services. Drupal CMS has very enhanced and high-quality architecture. There are separate interfaces for administrators and editors that allow to allocate the rights and responsibilities of each member of the team. Drupal scales well for huge websites. Drupal takes the second place in the amount of installation – this CMS powers over three hundred thousand web sites. Drupal works well in meeting the requirements of large enterprises as well as of individuals. It’s easy to get, easy to install and easy to use! If you decide to use Drupal in your enterprise, your choice should fall clearly on a public cloud rather than on a private network. There are several advantages of such a choice: You will completely forget about reservation of your enterprise’s small resources for your website. There is a tendency among IT outsourcing companies to migrate to the cloud. That’s why your decision is going to be future-proof and will reduce significantly your future costs. It’s much easier to add other machines to your Drupal cluster in the cloud than to make it in a private network.