Launching A Drupal Enterprise Site Like A Boss!

inShare Disclaimer Many different situations are taking place while you are working as a Drupal developer. Many client’s requests are varying from slightly awkward to ridiculously weird. Some of them actually believe that a few mouse clicks are enough to make a website and that all may be done overnight. But still, they are clients and our goal is making their dream come true, right?

What if the your customers are really attached to a certain date with their marketing campaign and many other factors thus are wishing the site you develop to go live, let’s say for Halloween precisely without any issues whatsoever? A seemingly impossible task is not really as unachievable if you are putting your mind to it appropriately. Sharing responsibilities The first thing you have to realize when facing such a task that you are not alone and you are never supposed to be. When you may, pretty much handle a smaller project on your own things are different with a big site. There are many people involved and even more interested.

Make sure everybody will be doing their share: There’s a tech team responsible for appropriate user functionality. It should be prepared with much respect to the spec as well as theming. There is the business side focused on all to be acceptable at the launch-date. And there is the editorial team. They are to deal with content and related tools. Platform? You wish to prevent all ‘it worked fine on my platform blah-blah’ issues? Well, forget your platform as the project is big and the deadline’s closer by the second.

Try running all on appropriate platforms if you have appropriate relations and partnerships thus avoiding many unpleasant surprises missed by QA due production cluster differences. The workflow Be prepared to do many simultaneous things. For instance you may catch yourself training editors on new tools they are to use, building new features and testing them in process at the very same time without even mentioning hundreds of minor activities.

The best approach here will be to keep the developer side with everything related to code, the testing side may deal with new editorial environments and you are to have people managing the live site oriented on tasks related to content migration and showcasing to stakeholders. The day before launch Test, test and test once more. Who needs his 9 hours of beauty-sleep anyway? The launch Open campaign!