How to Make Your Drupal Site Rank Better in 5 Steps

If compared to other content management systems, Drupal makes it much easier to introduce search engine optimization for your site. To make your Drupal site rank on Google better, consider the 5 following steps. 1. Keyword Research First, you need to know which keywords to use throughout your copy, that is, in URLs, meta tags, title tags, meta description, internal links, alt tags and headers. To help you do that there is Google’s Keyword Planner Tool which shows certain terms’ monthly search frequency, both local and global, their ranking competitiveness and their cost for advertising. 2. Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools The best you can do for your Drupal site’s SEO from the outset is to install Webmaster and Google Analytics tools and let them run on your site. Failing to use these services you may end up not knowing what’s going on currently and what to do about your SEO. Despite there are lots of similar analytic tools around, the above two services are the best if you want to get insight straight from Google. 3. Drupal SEO Modules Drupal features several modules every site should have in terms of SEO. If you feel like making the best of Drupal uses and getting organic searches, Drupal can offer you an extensive range of SEO modules such as Content Optimizer, SEO Checklist, Metatag, Site Map, Global Redirect, URL List and many others. 4. Backlinks Backlinks are a must even with Penguin and Panda. To build good backlinks you need to carefully maintain a mixture of URL-built links, keyword anchor text, home page URLs, phrases with long tail keywords and similar keyword type. Go after the links from all Page Rank types’ sites and ensure the links reference both your home page and inner pages. 5. Frequent Updates Today it’s not enough for your site to be just a static page. If you strive for more visitors, you should frequently update your site and post all types of content such as product reviews, case studies, client testimonials, whitepapers, infographics, demos, eBooks, portfolios, videos, blogs, social sections, communities etc. The more dynamic your site is, the more valuable for Google it is. Drupal is perfectly facing this purpose by enabling constant attention and feeding for your site. Following the above tips will ensure your Drupal site’s SEO success. If you are looking for professional Drupal consultancy, DrupalDriven is the right partner whatever your Drupal consulting needs are.