Enhancing Your Website’s Functionality with Drupal Plugins

Being flexible CMS Drupal can deal with anything you want it to. Hundreds of available allow you creating a great and powerful website. Anyway, if you need a special tool that could help you to perform a specific task you may hire someone who can develop suitable Drupal modules especially for you. As usual all plugins can be divided into 3 groups: plugins bringing changes to content management; those which engage users; ones concerning registration of users. Displaying and managing content Views Slideshow Very often websites need to have some way to place different pieces of data into a certain place. The Views Slideshow plugin can make the view of such information more original, for example a view of most popular articles with the ability to cycle through it. Nodewords plugin Using it you can specify key phrases or words on a node-by-node basis while conducting SEO optimization. String Overrides This plugin allows you to control any specific phrase on your whole website. With String Overrides if you want to change the language of any part of content on your website you can simply find the needed text and override it. Game mechanics and engagement of users Organic Groups OG is a remarkable resource that allows building small groups focused on specific issues or causes. It is a great way of encouraging users to communicate in such group thus visiting your website. Invite This plugin allows users to send invitations to their friends via generated by your website e-mails. Here you can change settings for example limiting the number of invitations available for each user. Registration of users Login Toboggan In Drupal a website has both anonymous users and authenticated ones. The Login Toboggan module allows you excluding users who have already registered but have not confirmed e-mail address yet. Facebook Connect This can really simplify registration process for some users letting them log in using Facebook account. As you have already guessed these are only examples of available plugins in Drupal. In fact, there are much more of them. Before you start working with the new plugin, do not forget to save a backup copy of your database and website.