Easy Solutions For Issues I’d bet you Had At Your Project Lately

inShare Every Drupal developer after several projects behind his back is, at some point, noticing there are many familiar issues emerging he has been facing earlier. Wouldn’t it be just so lovely to have several fast fixes around to implement? Well, here are several of them you may find handy. ‘Page not found’ error message everywhere but the homepage sound familiar? So you are pulling your site with some Git assistance and are sourcing the database. All seems to look just fine but wait, any link is leading you to a 500 error! When’d that happen? .htaccess looks fine so what may be done here? Check if Apache has a AllowOverride all setting Make sure PHP is properly compiled against curl Having Git not found issues on OSX? Just add line to your .profile file in your user folder. Unusable theme rings several bells at the same time. Often things with themes are going way wrong after you are doing some (for what possible reason?) things with a name of a theme. Afterwards your theme becomes unusable and you are to make it right again. If you luckily have Drush than settings it back to, let’s say, garland is quite simple. drush vset theme_default garland ought to do the trick. You may be experiencing multiple issues when your site is launched in your client’s server. There are way too many things that may go wrong here thus it’s quite easier to test everything well before the site is going live. What not to miss here? Are SSH and Git working well? Do you have appropriate write permissions? Do you have both access and appropriate permissions to MySQL of your client? Use Git to clone your site and to make sure all works fine Test all the special requirements you client may have had to any particular browser

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