DrupalDriven CEO Maxym Garkavtsev at the 2012 DrupalCon Munich CXO

DrupalCon Munich 2012 was held at The Westin Grand München on August 20 – 24, 2012 at The Westin Grand München. DrupalDriven CEO Maxym Garkavtsev took part in this famous conference. The event included a single day of pre-conference trainings, three days of different sessions, BoFs and keynotes, and a day of members’ contribution sprints. The Drupal community was welcome to learn, share and explore all things about Drupal. Maksym Garkavtsev took part in one of the most prominent events of this year’s DrupalCon in Munich – CXO. CXO is a special business event which is held within the DrupalCon. It was during the August, 20. The main purpose of CXO was being a kind of “window” for businessman, leaders of the Drupal shops, who offer Drupal web development services. It was a hot discussion open space. The primary questions in Drupal development business have been talked about. Drupal leaders shared tips for running business, best practices in Drupal development world and also rare information on marketing researches, tips on collaboration. There were some reports about tools for generating business values as well. The DrupalCon Munich CXO event was hosting over 65 people. Among them was Maksym Garkavtsev CEO of DrupalDriven. The members of this event were primarily focused on the fresh opportunities for Drupal development businesses setting the company strategy. DrupalCon Munich CXO allowed our CEO – Maksym Garkavtsev to: Be a living part of the global network between Drupal development companies; Discover and share some new Drupal development best practices; Collaborate with the key players in Drupal services market of Europe and worldwide.