Drupal Rally, Minsk’11

November, 26th, is the date, when web programmers and internet militants will assemble on the Drupal-rally in the capital of Belorussia, in Minsk. We take everybody on, irrespectively from your location and native language. The uppermost prescription of this event – is Drupal-company growth in Belarus. You are also able to make an endowment to this originative procedure! The Drupal-rally is an open attraction to every one, who desires to get more acquainted with Drupal. The Drupal-rally is going to be one-day platform for the Drupal-programmers companionship. The Drupal-rally is a marvelous chance for internet enthusiasts to enquire more about forceful instrument for building-up the easiest and the most difficult websites. At length, the Drupal-rally is a forum, convention in the reality. Is there any method, which can be more impactful than intercourse in real meaning of this word?! Format and construct The Drupal-rally implicates more than ordinary IT- symposium. The aim of this event is to consolidate not only the proficient, but also to share sophistication with members, who demands Drupal development services – with Internet enthusiasts. Under the internet enthusiasts – public organizations, bloggers are meant, people who are wishing to develop their layouts and sensing perforce in speedy and reasonable sites programming. Under the web programmers – everybody, who professionally build-up web instruments and accommodations by means of the popular CMF Drupal. The attraction will undergo in the non-symposium format and master classes. Participator can be in the role of speakers as well as viewers. Everyone can top up the report, topic and presentation. Three working languages of the Drupal-rally are Russian, Belarusian and English. Concernment If you have something to be told, desire to demonstrate an instant of the successful layout on the Drupal platform or you have a wish to narrate about your structural element, hottest Drupal news or prepare a presentation… We are always interested to deliberate this matter. Just try your best to do it!