Drupal and a Few Great Ways to Use It

If you are visiting our website, you are likely to be familiar with Drupal basics, along with its typical characteristics: Drupal is an open source, free, powerful CMS with a great community of programmers powering it. Considering all of the imposing characteristics we would like to state that there is much more to Drupal than that. No matter what is your experience level with Drupal, the following list of cool things that we have gathered, would be a good thing to consider for anyone. Mobile Responsive Website Nowadays mobile responsive website is a necessity, rather than a simple suggestion for business owners. One of the great Drupal capabilities is that it makes very easy to build and maintain mobile friendly websites from very beginning. Search Engine Optimization Drupal is great for search engine optimization, it gives you a complete authority over everything you would need in order to optimize your website, including meta descriptions, page titles, URLs, and good interaction with Google Analytics. Security and Drupal All of the codes on drupal.org are being scrutinized by highly experienced developers. Drupal open source software are usually as secure as commercial software, if not more secure. The fact is the evidence; The White House in order to increase security switched to Drupal. E-commerce Solutions with Drupal If you are in need to sell things online, Drupal modules are available for you. Using Drupal you can do almost anything you can imagine with your online store due to its customizability. Various shipping services can be integrated making the end to end online store experience pleasant for the customers and those filling the orders. You can read our tips for successful e-commerce website. Photo and Video Integration Drupal has ability to accept and prepare uploaded videos to be displayed on various devices. Your videos can be uploaded automatically to Youtube, as well as Drupal website can pull photos from certain websites and videos from sites like Youtube, and automatically display them on your website. There are number of great things you can do with Drupal. Making your website multi-lingual, running a contest or sweepstakes, integration with CRMs, creation of communities or sub-communities is just a short additional list to what has been described above and other cool things that can be done with Drupal.