Drupal 8 is Underway

This year, in August most awaited Drupal 8 will be released with lots of great ideas and new capabilities. Upcoming Drupal 8 will have an improved design, multilingual, mobile, and HTML5 aptitudes. In version 8 Drupal was aiming to radically change content creation process and improve site builder tools, along with staging management and web services. Drupal 8 could be the most ambitious content management system release, that we will be eye witnessing at the end of the summer. Development of Drupal 8 is imperturbably striding forward with a significant number of new features planned to be added. Updated version 8 is driven by a new initiative approach, where initiatives are running together each addressing a curtain aspect of Drupal that is critical for platforms progress and evolution. These initiatives are highlighting main areas of work and assigned to different lead developers that are focused on their own initiative. The most wide-ranging initiative is Configuration Management, which mainly focuses on development of better testing instruments, staging, and live site deployment processes. Context Core and Web Services Initiative purpose is to convert Drupal to a first-class REST server remaining a first-class CMS. Also they are making their system mobile in Web Service Initiative adopting a big parts of Symphony framework. Multilingual Initiative developers are working on internalization matter. This issue is progressing and developing rapidly. The major focus of the group is to make accessible translation of taxonomies, menus, and nodes in Drupal. Another major initiative for Drupal is HTML5 implementation. Lead developer and his group executing an important task and making a noticeable progress on transforming default Drupal 7 to HTML5. This is a hefty challenge for the developers to overhaul most of the templates and functions, but it is a great chance and a big opportunity for Drupal 8 to face the world at their best. Mobile and HTML5 initiatives share a good number of common goals such as mobile friendly forms and revamping default themes. Mobile initiative mainly concerned with making Drupal 8 a “five star” mobile platform. The way Drupal sees “Design 4 Drupal” Initiative is to bring in population of designers to work and contribute together, come up with great ideas and coordinate common efforts in order to be a part of Drupal Community to make Version 8 perfect.