Delta Module for Drupal Lovers

Tweet Lots of developers have already tried the Omega Theme. So even more are now willing to try all of many delicious goods the Responsive Design may offer. But there’s no need to haste. There are a few more modules you’ll probably love to try to fresh up your page design a bit. Like the awesome Delta Module, for instance. Delta gives you possibilities to build some custom page layouts. To do so Delta makes some new versions of theme settings, thus those unique layouts can be applied to particular pages, user roles and sections with some help from the Context Module. Despite the fact Delta was designed specifically for the Omega Theme it can do great with other themes, and that is a definite strong plus. Does creating a custom page.tpl.thp bore you? But how else does one make a different layout for the homepage or a landing page (if it needs to get rid of extraneous blocks or menus)? Ta-dah! You can now control your entire sites layout with the adverted above Omega Theme. And then Delta will absolutely love to assist you with many samples of the settings for various scenarios. Rearrange your sidebars even add and remove entire regions. You don’t even have to touch the code! Just visit the settings, set up the sites generic layout and install-&-enable the Delta module. Now you will see a new link on the theme’s settings page. That’s where the magic begins. You can now start a brand-new template. Here you have 2 options: Start the whole thing all over with entirely different theme settings Use the original themes settings page in all areas except the ones you want to change.