The confident share of Packt Publishing’s prizes

Packt Publishing has divulged the conquerors of its sixth yearly free source rewards, and some well-known gamesters have grasped top appointments. Here are the results and did your favorite project really win? The Free Source Rewards These rewards have been navigated since 2006 by Packt Publishing to embolden and render assistance to the open source development. It started by concentrating exceptionally on maintenance operating platforms, but was soon extended to other divisions. From the moment of its beginning, Packt has rewarded more than US$ 100,000. This year’s rewards seized six denominations: Free Source CMS Free Source Mobile Kit-bags and Libraries Most Perspective Free Source Project Free Source Business Software Free Source JavaScript Libraries Free Source Multimedia Applications Layouts were designated by the social outset which took place in August. Polling started in September and terminated at the rope of October. Reward Victorious Software In the Free Source CMS division, initially the only division, Joomla! captured top honors. This appears to be the third bout of the well-known content management platform capturing wellcome honors in the Packt rewards. Drupal together with Plone captured first and second-best; no one is a apprentice amongst the winners. Plone defeated the best non-PHP denomination in 2008 and 2009. Drupal has won in at any rate one denomination from the moment the rewards started. Drupal company also lorded over the CMS sub-category hierarchy this year, polled as having the best fulfillment, network and simplicity of use. The other candidates in the CMS denomination were Plone, mojoPortal and SilverStripe. jQuery became a winner of the JavaScript library division together with all sub-denominations. Dojo and Sencha located on second and third positions. The most perspective free source layout division, which lays stress on new programs younger than two years, was captured by ImpressPages, a web CMS with a drag and drop contact surface. The champions in other denominations maintain: Free Source Multimedia Applications Champion: Blender Second place: GIMP Third place: Inkscape Free Source Business Software Champion: PrestaShop Second place: nopCommerce Third place: OpenCart Free Source Mobile Kit-bags and Libraries Champion: jQuery Mobile Second place: PhoneGap Third place: Sencha Touch More detailed information about the rewards can be provided at Packt’s Website. Did you poll in this year’s rewards? Did your lovely layout took place? You can share your reflections on this year’s sequences.