Applying Marketing Automation on a Drupal Website

In order to ensure effective management, it is necessary to cater to the interests of potential buyers, which can be difficult to manage manually when a company is large. This is when marketing automation is the ideal solution. Marketing automation is a software that assembles various content assets such as emails, web events, and landing pages, and delivers them at the right time in the buying cycle. This can result in more engaging prospects for the brand. By analyzing key audiences, gaining demographic data, and tracking interactions with the brand on social networking services or websites, the lead quality can be improved for the sales team. Furthermore, marketing automation platforms generally integrate well with customer relationship management models, meaning that the sales staff does not have to switch to other tools. To integrate marketing automation software into a Drupal website, one can install custom modules. Drupal is considered to be one of the best marketing platforms, and with the help of these modules, marketing automation platforms can be integrated into a Drupal website. Examples of Drupal modules for these purposes are Pardon Module, Eloqua Module, and Marketo Munchkin Module. For a deeper understanding of the value of marketing automation, Sales and Marketing Managers should gain personal experience with the technology, or spend time diligently researching its