7 SEO Modules For Getting Traffic To Your Website

As you know, Drupal is a very powerful CMS for website building. But there is a question arises when you are dealing with SEO – what should we do for a real traffic turnaround? Here we selected very useful SEO modules for attracting visitor on your website. Google Analytics This Drupal module is really useful if you are serious in attracting more visitors on your website. Google Analytics allows you tracking all kind of traffic to your website and other available statistic as well. Thus you can be aware of the target audience and topics the most of users are interested in. “Digg this” button or Service link module This is two alternatives for attracting much more audience. If your blog has quality content, you can use small “Digg this” button at the bottom of your post to enhance the reach of the article. Add To Any We recommend you to use this module with the previous one. Add To Any has wide range of choice for visitors to bookmark your article and other popular services as Slashdot, dig, stumble upon, etc. Meta Tags (Nodewords) As Meta tags usage helps to notify search engines the keywords on your pages, as a result you will get a better engine positioning of your site. Using this module you can easy set any tags for each node. SEO checklist Whether you are newbie or pro developer in Drupal this tool can be useful for you. But not advanced user definitely gains with this module. SEO checklist helps you to monitor what you have already taken and what you are going to take among SEO measures. XML Sitemap This tool can submit sitemap to various search engines. So your website looks more authentic in search results and users get your site’s overview instantly that could help to raise the traffic. Search 404 This tool makes your website look more accurate: instead typical “page not found” your visitors will see given keywords.