Migration from Magento to Drupal

Both Drupal and Magento share a lot In common. It’s hard to say which is better and which is worse. They both are extremely fit able into the e-commerce industry. Magento has proven itself to be a splendid solution with great customization options, high scalability, various extinctions and a wide range of different default features. It could be a smart choice for an online shop, yet there is one more thing you should pay attention to. A CMS equipped with an e-commerce plugin may do all that and even more.
With a CMS your business may be equipped with:

  • Forum
  • Blog
  • Image/Video gallery
  • Etc.

Amongst other advantages of Drupal:

  • A great combination of a kit of features with practically limitless customization opportunities.
  • Limitless amount of products as well as anonymous and one-page checkout options and multiple image support, and so on and so on.
  • A colossal amount of extensions.
  • Never-ending support and design work is what is constantly done with Drupal by its creators. If there is a new feature coming out – it will work fine with your CMS version.

Any business at some extent will need to grow, change, shift and evolve, especially in such a dynamic field. You want your users to be supplied with all they want and even a little bit more. That is in fact a splendid way to get ahead of competition. That is when migration may come in handy. Drupal is designed for all those needs and wishes to be realized, and when equipped with an e-commerce module it may become your ultimate solution.
That is why our services are existing. With a team of professionals each of which has years of experience the transaction can flow in short terms and without damage to business. The catch is that Drupal, despite all its advantages is not the easiest solution to operate. Thus actual professionals are needed for all of the businesses needs satisfaction. Those people, the experts, are exactly the kind of men our team consists of.