Drupal to Joomla? That’s easy. For Us.

Migrate from Joomla to DrupalWe are glad to offer our services to all in need of professional Drupal assistance. Our staff of high-classed professionals will be able to go through the migration to Drupal painlessly allowing your site to get to its top. Only one stop has to be made. For starters you need to stop for a second and think whether you actually want or need to migrate. Remember there is no ultimate CMS. All of them are perfect for various purposes and all have their weak sides and downfalls. But if you want a web page capable of easy shifting, upgrading, evolving and matching your users’ needs with shine and comfort, you’ve came to the right place.

What are the key differences between Drupal and Joomla?

  • Joomla is supporting but one of both Selection and Category for each piece of content. And Drupal contents on the other hand can be assigned to several Selections and Categories.
  • Multi-site setups is something Joomla actually does not support. So if you already have a multi-site made with Drupal the migration has to be put in a certain web page.
  • Internet dictionary and Joomla have different opinions on what the term ‘blog’ means. Joomla believes is but a glimpse on the containing content. Titles, introductions and learn more links are examples of Joomla’s ‘blog’.
  • There are no available comments on the content provided by Joomla by default. You just can’t do it. Yet Drupal is supporting comments for every content-type available.

These are not all differences of course, yet these are the ones of the biggest value and the ones allowing you to make up your mind. And to fulfill a safe and well organized migration you, on the other hand need to trust professionals. You don’t allow a second-grader to fix your car or computer. The same may be applied to migrations.

Then, if you are sure you actually want to perform the migration you are welcome here, amongst our team of Drupal specialist, that are here with but one purpose - assistance with various Drupal related issues on the highest level.