As an increasing number of people expect to easily access their favorite web sites right on the go, it’s essential to face the needs of this rapidly growing demographic.

In case you’ve worked in Drupal most of time for several years now and haven’t adopted common standards of PHP software development yet, you are very likely to find lots of interesting things in Drupal 8.

Every developer knows Drupal basics. Drupal is a free, open source powerful CMS backed by a great community of pro developers. But is it all we can say about the amazing platform which powered the sites of Louvre, the GRAMMYs and NASCAR?

Out of the box Drupal CMS has a built-in concept of publishing which is suggested by a content type (an article, for example) and the ability of promoting items to the homepage. But let’s see at length what modules make Drupal so popular for publishing use.

Drupal is one of the most popular web development platforms nowadays. It allows anybody to create his personal blog or a corporate website. Even the White House official site has been made with Drupal. We see the main advantage of this CMS in its ability to handle around 20 thousand requests per second.

Drupal is very powerful content management system for creating websites. When it comes to SEO, there is a logical question to ask: what should we do to increase the number of visitors and to improve traffic turnaround. Here are the modules that will help your site to get more visitors.

Sometimes there is a need to use the "clean Drupal" to test some of the new features or modules. For quick installation of Drupal there is an appropriate Drush command, but you still need to create a host, directory, restart apache. In general, a lot of little things that you do not want to do every time over and over again. There is a little script that automatically creates a host for apache and installs Drupal in a specified directory.

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Spam is the headache in each and every of its forms. Links in comments from users with 1 post, endless xrumer-created accounts and other cases are simply the side effects of our own useful activity on the Internet. CAPTCHA is a well-known and reliable solution; however, it decreases the overall comments rate by nearly 15%. Filling the reCAPTCHA is the pure evil in my opinion, to say the least.

Nothing is new under the moon, one wise man said. Every generation faces the same choice: old and trusted traditional ways or the vast and unknown world of unexplored? This describes the situation present in the nowadays software development market. Open source coding is widespread nowadays and continues its growth and development, while proprietary software is slowly losing ground. Or does it not? Let’s see!