Let’s imagine we need to make a git repository because we have a brand-new task on Why create a master branch?

Drupal is a free open-source solution for creative people. You may lack some technical skill, and be a successful content manager. You have Drupal, don’t you? Plus there are tons of tutorials, workshops, community support and stuff like that with Drupal. You can find all the resources you need simply lying around the web and waiting for you to pick them up.

Lots of developers have already tried the Omega Theme. So even more are now willing to try all of many delicious goods the Responsive Design may offer. But there’s no need to haste. There are a few more modules you’ll probably love to try to fresh up your page design a bit. Like the awesome Delta Module, for instance.

We won’t be talking about any actual Drupal development in this particular article. This one’s for those who already have a site and want to make it mobile. If you want your site to be successful you really can’t afford missing all the goods mobile sites are willing to offer you.

What makes a good site great is the care put in its details. A great site combines the elements users never consciously notice in such a way that they affect users on a much deeper level and convey stability, credibility and competence.

When a developer explains his family what he does for a living, people immediately imagine a lone man sitting at his computer in the dark room. In reality, however, developer job goes far beyond this and includes meeting clients, setting expectations, developing implementation plans and other activities. As for Drupal developers, they also look for different ways to contribute to the Drupal open source community.

When you’re building a website, it’s critical you test it thoroughly before handing it over to the customer. The matter is that any significant issue discovered by your client can reduce their trust to your company and even cost you sales if that problem was so serious that to prevent users from interaction on your site.

Starting with the 90s offshore outsourcing allowed for moving resource-consuming development tasks to India, China and other low cost countries to ensure huge savings on millions-line coding projects.

Building Drupal applications is difficult and takes skill, experience and agility to overcome risks and develop the best solutions to users’ needs quickly.

Being a powerful and flexible version control system, Git provides great functionality over such legacy centralized tools as CVS and Subversion. But this great number of options for workflow can sometimes make it difficult to decide on the best way to commit your code to the project.