People requiring high quality are willing to pay more on order for that precise quality level is achieved.  A curious fact: Drupal sites tend to be about ten times more expensive than their closes competitor WordPress. Thus we are with a curious picture here. Despite the fact that a Drupal site might take 50% more time to be constructed and still will be more profitable. Why does such a happening take place?

Imagine the total amount of phones and tablets people are using for web surfing on a daily basis. Those are potential users, likers, shoppers, whoever else you are requiring on your site. You are to make sure they are comfortable with your page otherwise they will find something else to their liking. Thus responsive design is a big thing nowadays.

The market of solutions for e-commerce is big with giants like Magento or Prestashop. Yet there is always a piece of Google to consider. And with its latest innovations Content Marketing is the King from the capital letter. It is now to be the center of your online marketing strategy. 

As for now there’s been a lot done for Drupal sites from the SEO perspective as Drupal is getting very big in the modern internet. You are probably aware of how to make your site to the top of Google’s search results and you can probably do so with your eyes closed.

Here I will be listing some 5 tricks you may find useful while building a Drupal site. They are here for your comfort and further operations with the Drupal page. Let us begin!

Drupal is quite simple to learn and harder to master. The ‘hook’ things may be challenging to get from the first time. Yet things do tend to be easier than they seem. So how does one get better with Drupal, a handy CMS that is becoming more and more popular as the days pass?

It was several month ago. Autumn was getting fairly colder as winter was almost in its domain. One rainy evening I got a call from my friend who was asking for some assistance. His ancient site was somehow hacked which is strange as the site was made with Drupal. We did manage to work the things out but those were some lousy days, honestly.

Drupal is great with its integrated tools that give you as much data as you need and more. The tools will assist you in finding out who your users are, what they want from life in general and from your site particularly. Going way deeper with user interactions is what Drupal’s good at. Let’s not call this answer one.

Maintaining swell performance as well as scalability is not an easy task with almost any large Drupal site. Such activities require quite a lot of time and effort. As an unpleasant addition to all of that is seems that speed gains are becoming smaller as more work is being done. The goal, of course, is worth it, yet is but natural for humans to be looking for easier roads.

The Drush command is a line tool designed to help you with operating Drupal right from the terminal in which it is located by default as well as a set of other useful commands like download, enable and module update commands for example. Yet modules have the possibility of defining their own commands for the Drush to use their code in order to perform operations.