Oh, the internet! A truly magical place where all knowledge gathered by mankind is gently combined with kitten pictures. More and more people are getting connected to this network and all of them are expecting quality resources that are not only content-rich but are attractive at the same time. There is no place to simple great ideas today.

There are many ways of doing various things. Besides the fact there is a wrong and a right way there are many sideways and cheats. But is there a one, ultimate way for, let’s say Drupal?

Surely there is no exact flow of things one is to follow after installing Drupal as what is convenient to one is mostly unusual to somebody else. But, surely there are many things that may be considered as default and the closest way of gaining the achieved. Here is just such a list for your comfort:

Drupal is great with many things but as all that is PHP it has performance somewhere far down it’s achievements list. But is it all that bad and nothing may be done? Of course not. Here are some things that will assist performance dramatically!

Ever since version 5 and until 7 most of complaints about Drupal were related to very poor out-of-the-box media capabilities. There had to be special modules and libraries installed for such purposes which was not making life easier at al. But why am I using Past Tense?

Practically every Drupal site has a vast amount of contributed modules and even more of those in something large-scale. As an addition you may have written some of your modules and you may have been generating Features that are nothing but modules as well. What is the result?

Let us get to the point from the very start as we will be providing reasonable conclusions of why will Drupal 8 be an even better Drupal. Thus we are getting straight to the chase with…

Many different situations are taking place while you are working as a Drupal developer. Many client’s requests are varying from slightly awkward to ridiculously weird. Some of them actually believe that a few mouse clicks are enough to make a website and that all may be done overnight.

Every Drupal developer after several projects behind his back is, at some point, noticing there are many familiar issues emerging he has been facing earlier. Wouldn’t it be just so lovely to have several fast fixes around to implement? Well, here are several of them you may find handy.

Drupal projects are often of highest value thus it may never hurt to double-check everything even if the project is already launched. Any team of developers may and should use the time before the site is live to make sure everything is great with the following things...